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Your chat widget code is already installed here, so just click the chat icon in the bottom right to begin testing.
Don’t forget to log into your Acquire dashboard, too!

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Test Cobrowse

Initiate a cobrowse session and test it by filling out the form below.

Test Cobrowse Data-Masking

Fill out the credit card form below to verify that the card details aren’t visible in Acquire.

Card filling graphics

Any data considered sensitive can be hidden from the agent’s end.

  1. Type in the card details for the customer’s side
  2. Edit/view will not be available from the agent’s side
Card filling graphics

Test One-Click Links for Starting Conversations

Use the buttons below to verify instant links are working for initiating conversations.


A Few Key Notes

Ensure the widget code appears in the head section of your website source code when you are ready to go live.

Make sure to get an SSL certificate on your website before using Acquire video and voice features, otherwise they will not function properly. Ask your hosting company or web developer if required. Alternatively, use the following link

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